Deborah Kreiling

Deborah Kreiling

Instructor: ​Simplicity Pattern Company

Simplicity Pattern Company has been my home for over thirty seven years. My tenure with Simplicity has taken me from writing sewing directions in the “primer” department through a wide variety of positions to my current one as Design Development Director.

My passion for sewing equals my passion for being involved every day in the creation of our product. I have sewn since I was a child and when I first came to Simplicity I knew had found a home. In my current position I am involved in every step, from planning the entire line, through to selection and then the finished product.

Daily I work with every Patternmaker, Seamstress, Writer, Illustrator, Quality Control editor and the Consumer Service Team. Every day I go to work with the goal of making sure that what we have created as a sewing pattern can be successfully and happily sewn at home. Being part of this process and this team inspires me to sew most of my own clothes and to always be on the hunt for new methods in garment construction and fitting techniques so they can be adapted into a pattern for the home sewer.

I travel each year to Consumer Home Sewing shows where I interact with sewists of all backgrounds and skill levels and always love to hear their feedback and requests. Separate from my daily Simplicity life, I am an avid road cyclist and a fifth degree black belt in karate.

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