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Course description

I’m so excited you are here and interested in learning to sew. My goal is to teach you to sew without having any previous experience whatsoever. That is why I’m so thrilled to offer this free mini course.

This mini-course has a ton of content and after you are done you will feel confident you can continue on to the Sew It Academy as a new student. Each month you get a new course that builds on the last and as a thank you for taking the free mini-course you get a special discounted link  (only applies to new students) 

The free mini-course will only be available for a short time so take advantage and sign up!

Mimi  Goodwin
Mimi Goodwin
Senior Instructor

Mimi Goodwin (Mimi G.) is a mother, businesswoman, and award-winning, trend and DIY expert. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the popular fashion, lifestyle, and DIY blog, What started off as a hobby in her Los Angeles home in 2012, has blossomed into an international brand with a daily engagement of more than 1.9 million followers across all social media platforms and industry professionals.

Mimi’s blog has become the vehicle by which she lives her passion; to empower and motivate women of all ages and walks of life to embrace their power, find their voice and to discover and walk in their purpose. Her tutorials on DIY sewing, craft, home décor, fashion, beauty, travel, self-empowerment and more, receive an average of 12M page views annually and 575k unique visitors per month.

Since 2014, Mimi has partnered with Simplicity Creative Group to create, produce and market pattern designs with the Mimi G Style for Simplicity Pattern Collection. The collection features over 15 patterns for the modern and curvy woman and is accompanied with a video tutorial from Mimi.

In 2016 Mimi launched, an online sewing school, designed to be accessible and affordable for anyone interested in learning to sew. With over 6,000 enrolled students Mimi has created a community of people all learning a valuable skill, many of whom have started small businesses from the skills learned. Mimi is launching a Sew It Academy of men in early 2017. Mimi was featured on Lifetime TV’s Project Runway Junior as a mentor and design consultant for the young designers.

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